Eastern University aims toward universal design and access for all students, faculty and staff. In this page you will find training and resources for faculty that seek to ensure every student has the same opportunity to succeed.

Using Kaltura

Check out our Faculty Kaltura Tutorials for information on using and editing captioning to improve your videos.

Learn about how to take your old videos, upload them and add captions to them, as well as how to edit those captions so that students are able to read a more precise version of your lectures and content.

Using Microsoft Office

See our Microsoft Office Tutorial for information for how students can instantly receive access to Office from any location that also gives them access to the internet and their Easter University accounts.

Learn about using Microsoft Translation, Accessibility Check, Alternative Text, and other important available tools to enhance student accessibility.

Looking to make exceptions for students to take a test or quiz on Brightspace? Click here!

For more information about disability services: