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Adjunct Orientation

Our Adjunct Orientation guides new adjunct faculty through the requirements and processes for teaching at Eastern. It includes an overview of our mission, vision, and ethos; the structure and programs of the various colleges; faith integration; library services; and basic technology training. 

Welcome Adjunct Professors!

Imagine a university where faculty help form men and women of faith who take Jesus seriously, where graduates transform the world through wisdom, knowledge, stewardship, and Christlike engagement. Imagine a place where faith, reason, and justice are not just window dressing, but are at the core of who professors are and what they do. That place is Eastern University.

Imagine you...  Here at Eastern...

We do!

As an adjunct professor at Eastern University, you serve a vital role in helping us fulfill our mission (more below). We appreciate your willingness to bring your expertise and passion to enrich our students. Working alongside more than 150 full-time faculty to serve more than 3700 students, adjunct instructors add an invaluable level of depth and breadth to our learning community.


Our goal at CTLT is to support excellence in teaching and learning.  We are here to help you start well and continue to be successful throughout your teaching career at Eastern University.

President's Message

Ron Matthews 2018- small.jpg

Dear Adjunct Faculty Member,

Welcome to Eastern University -- a Christian academic community committed to developing compassionate people of faith, reason, and justice in service to God and the world. We are committed to excellence to the best of our ability and CTLT is designed to assist you as you prepare to work with the joy of our calling – our students!

Thank you for making us a better institution by joining us and teaching in an environment shaped and united by our efforts to be a premier model of Christian higher education.

Respectfully and gratefully,


Ronald A. Matthews,, Ph.D.

Getting to Know Eastern University


Eastern University is a Christian university dedicated to the preparation of undergraduate, theological and graduate students for thoughtful and productive lives of Christian faith, leadership and service. The mission is confirmed and celebrated when graduates believe their way into knowledgeable action that influences the world in substantive ways.


Eastern University is dedicated to ideas, inquiry, and the development of people of faith who will enhance the quality of society and the church.  Toward that end, Eastern will continue to expand its formative role in the world as a university in which knowledge and wisdom are imbued, Christ-like engagement is inspired, and stewardship is modeled.  Read the Strategic Plan-Foundation for the Future: EU 2025 to learn more.

Who We Are

Eastern University is a co-educational, comprehensive Christian university that integrates faith, reason and justice for its 3,762 students. Located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Eastern offers undergraduate and graduate programs for college students, and strives to provide the very best. Eastern is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA and has an interdenominational Christian student body, faculty and administration.

Faith & Ethos

Firmly rooted in the historic Christian tradition, Eastern welcomes all who seek truth and academic excellence.  With Christ at our center, we believe in a core set of absolutes as described in our Faith Statement. Beyond this core, there is mutual respect for a diversity of  views on the adiaphora—those things neither commanded nor forbidden by Scripture. Our community embraces varying positions on social issues, politics, justice, church practice, and so on. Faculty are free to engage one another in our understanding of these areas and in our personal preferences and convictions. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17 NIRV).  We join with St. Augustine who said, “… but let every good and true Christian understand that wherever truth may be found, it belongs to his Master.”

This ethos requires a certain tolerance of ambiguity which, we acknowledge, does not suit everyone. If, however, this is an environment in which you can comfortably flourish, we invite you to consider becoming part of our faculty.

Therefore, we, the faculty, administration, and trustees of Eastern University, commit ourselves to serve as role models for our students, with whom we partner in living, learning, and discipleship. We also commit ourselves to the standards of Biblical conduct articulated in our Community Standards.

“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13:14 NIV).

Integration of Faith and Learning in the Classroom

Please watch the below videos to hear how several Eastern University professors integrate faith and learning in the classroom.

Academic Structure

In addition to Palmer Theological Seminary, Eastern comprises seven colleges and schools in three primary locations (St. Davids, PA; Philadelphia, PA; and Harrisburg, PA).  Click the links below to learn more about the programs offered in these colleges and schools.

College of Education | Dean's Welcome

Job Openings and Hiring Process

To view available openings, please see the links below.  All applications for adjunct employment at Eastern University must be submitted online through our job portal. The requirements are listed on the job postings sites.

Teaching Opportunites and Payments

To be approved for teaching, adjuncts must have completed all of the hiring requirements as stipulated by Human Resources.  Adjuncts must also be approved by the college in which they will teach.  Once approved by HR and the appropriate department, adjuncts complete the VIP Orientation and are then eligible to teach. 

Teaching opportunities are offered by the respective colleges.  Please consult with your hiring department regarding teaching contracts and pay rates.


Adjunct Faculty Expectations

Eastern’s VIP instructors are qualified, experienced professionals who love God and who desire to serve our students. In addition to bringing their expertise to the classroom,

  • Faculty are expected to integrate Christian faith in their teaching. We believe that Faith, Reason, and Justice are all important elements in our academic environment and greater world. Watch the videos above to hear how three Eastern University professors integrate faith with their discipline.

  • Faculty are expected to be actively engaged with students. This includes:

- Providing prompt and substantive feedback to improve student learning

- Posting their feedback policy in the syllabus and/or in Brightspace

- Interacting regularly in the discussion forums (if teaching online)

- Responding to email within two business days

- Posting grades in Brightspace

- Monitoring student progress

- Notifying student advisors of at risk students (advising@eastern.edu). See Partnering for Student Success for more information.

  • Faculty are expected to submit final grades within two weeks after the course end date

  • Faculty are expected to develop and maintain the technological skills necessary and appropriate for the course(s) they are teaching

Technology Resources & Expectations

Today’s students view faculty competence in using current technology almost as important as faculty expertise and experience. All faculty, whether teaching primarily on-ground or online, should be adept at the following:

  • Computer Requirements

Faculty will need to own or have regular access to current computer, software, wifi, and high-speed Internet.  Eastern’s Technology Services webpage provides minimum standards for both PCs and Macs.

NOTE: Chromebooks and tablets (i.e., iPads, Android, and Windows tablets) are not sufficient for teaching due to their limitations.

  • Using email

All faculty will be provided with an Eastern email account.  Faculty are expected to use their Eastern account for all correspondence with students to preserve official communications and keep them separate from personal email.  If you prefer to forward your email to another account for ease of access, please follow these instructions.

  • Using basic word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet programs (e.g., Microsoft Office or Apple products).

Once you have your Eastern email address, you are entitled to a free Office 365 account. This allows faculty to install full Office applications including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, on up to five devices (PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones) for free.

  • Accessing Eastern’s library resources including online databases

VIP Adjunct Orientation includes an overview of and links to Warner Library’s main resources and services for faculty.

  • Using appropriate Internet resources and tools to supplement teaching

  • Using Brightspace, Eastern’s web-based Learning Management Software (LMS) system

  • Using Zoom, a platform for live or recorded class sessions

CTLT and Eastern’s Technology Services provide tutorials and other support information on their web pages.

Brightspace Expectations

Brightspace is Eastern’s Learning Management Software (LMS) system, a web-based, integrated learning platform.  All university courses (on-ground, blended, or online) have a Brightspace site created for them , and basic Brightspace training is included in the VIP Adjunct Orientation. The Brightspace team can be reached at Brightspace@eastern.edu.

On-Ground Courses

  • At minimum, faculty are expected to upload the course syllabus, create the gradebook, record grades, and be able to communicate with students through Brightspace’s email system.

  • In the event of inclement weather or other emergency cancelation, faculty are expected to move the session online (via Zoom recorded lessons, live sessions, or other resources).

Blended and Online Courses

  • In addition to the above, blended and online courses are required to meet Quality Matters™ Standards for the delivery of high quality courses. Faculty training in QM is provided.

MyEastern and WebAdvisor

MyEastern is Eastern’s online portal for various types of employee information and services. After you have received your EU email address, password, and ID, you can access the portal by clicking Full Menu on the main webpage

Once signed in, you’ll see a Self-Service Menu in the middle of the screen. Go to WebAdvisor for Faculty/Faculty Information. When you are assigned to teach a class, this is where you will access your Class Roster and submit grades.  Instructions for submitting grades will be sent out by the Registrar’s Office.

At the top left of the myEastern screen, click Menu to reveal additional resources related to Faculty, Human Resources, and more.

Accessing Academic Records

Sign in to myEastern to check your class roster, submit grades, or access student information.  

Syllabi and Textbooks


Eastern maintains a collection of every course syllabus to comply with accreditation requirements. Please click this link for step-by-step instructions on uploading your syllabus. 


  • If you teach a semester-based course in which you select the textbook, follow these instructions:

    Access the Online Adoption Tool

    1. Visit www.eastern.bkstr.com

    2. At the bottom of the Home page, click on Faculty Information in the Information section and then click Online Adoptions.

    3. Previous users will be asked to Log In and put in your password.  New users should Register.  You will be asked for a temporary password which is: 0713

  • Desk copies – To receive a free copy of your course textbook, contact the textbook publisher. Look for instructions for desk copies on their website or a phone number to contact them.

Warner Library

Eastern’s Warner Library can help support your courses in a number of ways. The video below provides an overview of Warner’s top five resources.

Faculty services include:

  • Consulting on needed information resources

  • Connecting to online research consultation and reference support services

  • Embedding a librarian in your course

  • Creating online library instructional presentations

  • Integrating library instructional tutorials and quizzes

  • Setting up course reserves

  • Copyright services

  • LibGuides is a content management system used by university libraries to curate knowledge and share information through online guides on specific subject areas, courses, useful resources and general information portals.

A Warner Library LibGuide provides access to all the library's tools that you need. Included are:

  • A tab to search our catalog for books located at all Eastern University's libraries as well as Palmer Seminary.

  • Interlibrary Loan tab includes book and article retrieval services; Rapid ILL for Articles and EZ Borrow login.

  • Tabs to take you directly to the Copyright, Plagiarism and Citation Libguides.

  • Form for E-Reserves and Regular Reserves; Guidelines for Electronic Reserves.

  • Book Request Form allows you to request books for the library to purchase.

  • Tab to access information about our Library Research Instruction Services.

  • A list of all our subscription databases is listed under the Research tab.

  • Contact information for all library staff members.

Need Help? Contact Warner Library’s Information Desk
(610) 341-1777

Partnering for Student Success

It is no secret that continuing education can be stressful. Many students are juggling school, work, family, and other responsibilities. Sometimes, a ball drops and the student needs additional help.

The Advising Office (advising@eastern.edu), part of Eastern University’s Student Success Center, is a team of Student Success Advisors (SSAs) who work alongside faculty to help students successfully complete their academic programs. SSAs demonstrate extraordinary care for all students by providing them with educational guidance, encouragement, inter-personal support and more.

If you are working with a student who needs support, we have a retention tool to assist you. Retention Alert is within WebAdvisor/Student Planning (see myEastern) and enables you to open a retention case based on any of the following issue types:

  • Academic – attendance or performance issues, referrals to tutoring and/or writing assistance

  • Disability – refer to Disability Services

  • Financial – concerns

  • Individual – health or personal concerns, lack of engagement, language/cultural barriers, student satisfaction issues

  • Registration – intent to drop a course or leave university

When opening a case in Retention Alert, indicate the issue type as noted above, provide a summary and even list details about a particular student. Once you click Submit, your student’s case will automatically be assigned a case number and will go to the SSA assigned to that student. The SSA will get an email notification that a Retention Alert case has been submitted and can start working immediately on the case.

Retention Alert training is available upon request, please contact Sarah Roche, Registrar, at sroche@eastern.edu.

Please note: While Retention Alert is considered advising notes and is not available at student request, any information in Retention Alert is admissible in court should a student bring suit against the university. 


Public Safety

Security- 610-341-1737

At Eastern University we believe that a safe campus is your right – and your responsibility. Click here to read the policies and procedures designed with your safety in mind. Please note two items in particular.

Emergency Messaging System

Adjunct faculty should sign up for Eastern’s Emergency Messaging system.  Should an emergency occur on any Eastern University campus or site, a text message or email will be sent to registered community members with the location, the problem, and what to do to stay safe. The message will be brief and to the point.

Apply for Parking Permit

Only adjunct faculty who teach at St. Davids' campus are required to display a parking permit. Go to the Public Safety webpage and click on the link “Parking Permit - for Faculty, Staff and Administration.” Complete the online form to apply.  Questions may be directed to parking@eastern.edu

Faculty Training & Development

The following two training courses are required for completion of adjunct orientation.

FDC100 Getting Started in Brightspace

An introduction to the Brightspace integrated learning platform, including structure and navigation, how to add and edit content, how to communicate, and how to set up the gradebook and enter grades. This is an online, self-paced training course requiring approximately eight to twelve hours to complete. 


FDC101 Zoom

Zoom provides an online meeting room for synchronous (live) or asynchronous class sessions. Faculty can record their lessons to share with learners who cannot attend the live sessions. Students use Zoom for live presentations in online courses.  This platform is also used to hold class when an on-ground or blended class session has had to be canceled.  This is an online, self-paced training course requiring one to two hours to complete. 


Chalk & Table also provides a variety of training and professional development opportunities for new and experienced faculty members. These range in length from one- or two-hour courses to multiple week offerings.  See current offerings via button below.

FAQs for VIPs

Click here to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Facebook Group

Join the discussion on Eastern's Private Adjunct Facebook Group created exclusively for you, our VIP adjuncts.  Our hope is that this will become a place of community, discussion, and reflection on the valuable work that you do at Eastern. You can connect with others who teach in your discipline or seek ideas on pedagogy, resources, classroom management, and so on.


Contact Us

Click here to find Contact Info helpful to new adjuncts.