Orientation Instructions

The orientation provided by CTLT is for adjuncts who have completed the hiring process and who have been issued their Eastern email address and login.  However, you may complete certain parts of this orientation while you are in the hiring process.  (If you are searching for adjunct faculty openings at Eastern, please click here.)

Orientation consists of two parts, which may be completed simultaneously or in any order:

  • Part 1 comprises reading through all the sections of the Adjunct Orientation Site, watching videos, completing certain activities, and answering a few questions. Use the attached checklist to track your progress.

When you have finished all items on the checklist, complete the Orientation – Part 1 Form. This form can only be completed once, so please use the checklist to track your work until you are ready to submit the form.

  • Part 2 includes completion of the following technology training courses (all online):

- FDC100 Getting Started in Brightspace  

- FDC101 Zoom Web Conferencing


Completing Orientation

When you have completed both Part 1 along with the training courses in Part 2, your orientation is complete.  You will receive a confirmation email along with a certificate of completion.  You are now eligible to teach at Eastern.

Once again, welcome to our team!


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