I have log-in/password issues help!

Contact Academic Computing: 610-341-1726 (Brightspace staff does NOT manage passwords).

Also remember that the Brightspace log-in ID does not use the part (whereas the e-mail system does).


How do I use Zoom in my class?

Please see our Zoom tutorial page!

My meetings go longer than 40 minutes, can I extend that?

Taking a brief break and restarting the meeting should solve most issues, and most instruction can be covered in a few sessions. Due to fees involved, upgrading memberships takes a toll on institutional costs. To upgrade your account and expand meeting limitations, please explain your situation in some detail to Notice that account changes may be done per academic term, and that this means you’ll need to repeat this process.


Assignment Issues

Students get an error message when they try to submit an assignment, how can they fix that?

Make sure the students have not used any special characters in the naming of their document (file name). For example, “here’smypaper!.docx” will not upload, even if the computer allows for it.

A submitted assignment won’t download/show on Brightspace at all when I go to grade it, what went wrong?

Brightspace only recognizes certain file types—one crucial file type that Brightspace does not recognize is Pages. Students using alternative word processing should save their work in .docx (Word) format.

TurnItIn won’t show a report, what do I do to get one?

Make sure you activated TurnItIn before submissions started. If you activated it after, go into the submissions and click on the TurnItIn buttons to get a report (it will take some time to complete).

How do I create an extra credit assignment?

Under Grades, select Manage Grades and create a new (Numeric) Grade Item in which you make sure you check the “Bonus” option—this will make the entire grade item a bonus for your class. Carefully consider the weight value as that will be added upon the final grade. Then connect this to the assignment in which students are submitting their extra credit task.

Classlist and E-mail Help

I e-mailed my students using the Classlist, but some students are saying they didn’t receive it, could that be so?

The system will “check all” students that appear on your Classlist before you hit e-mail, but that’s all the students on the first page only—either make the view larger so that all your students fit (e.g. change the view to the max 200 students), or click the “E-Mail Classlist” button above your class list.

Why don’t I receive e-mails I send to the Classlist?

The default is for you to be the sender, unfortunately, this will not come up into your Eastern e-mail server as “Sent” (although you can find them on Brightspace as sent, see below). If you wish to receive them into your Eastern e-mail, you should make it a habit to add your own e-mail to e-mails you send to the Classlist.

How do I find e-mails I sent over Brightspace?

Click the Envelope icon on top of your course (any course). Select E-mail. On the top right corner click the “Sent” icon.

How do I add a TA (Teaching Assistant) or guest student?

First, what does each role do? A TA will be able to view grades/edit your course, a guest student will be able to participate in course activities and view content. Second, only a registered instructor will be able to add a TA. From the Classlist in your course, select “Add Existing User” , type the correct name or ID number and, once selected, assign course section and desired role. Then click “Enroll”.

Discussions Help

Help, I can’t see the discussion I created/students can’t find my forum!

Discussions in Brightspace have three layers a “room” (which is not visible to students) where group discussion topics are housed—this is the Forum. For the forum to be visible, you have to move to the next layer: the Topic. You can have a forum with many topics to discuss, or a forum per topic. But you have to have a topic for the forum to show up. The topic will be visible if you set up students to be able to add a thread. The Thread is the final layer, it is and they are the actual contributions made in discussions. Every created thread and any responses to them will be labeled and counted as Posts.

Extra Credit Construction

How do I create extra credit points in a quiz/etc.?

As with the option above, when creating (or even if later editing) your Grade Item, check the “Can Exceed” option. Then, in the quiz creation/editing processes you should specify the amount of points the question you designate as extra, indicating in the checkbox that the points are extra points. In other assignments, you should instead select the “can exceed” option to simply issue grades higher than the maximum number of points set up (for example, if a paper includes a section that you promised extra points for).

I want to create an online test/quiz, but I’m worried about cheating, what can I do?

Many things! The most important thing to do is to ensure that you are limiting the time of the test/quiz to what you believe is a fair amount of time to complete it without spending time looking up information. If you believe it would take 1 hour in class with your supervision, only give 1 hour online (set this under Restrictions). When setting up your quiz you are also able to randomized both the question order. When adding/editing questions in multiple choice/answer questions, as well as in matching sets, you can randomize the answer order. With more time and dedication, you are also able to set up question libraries from which to draw out your questions. There are also tricks of the trade that skilled online instructors are eager to share to catch when cheating does take place—contact the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology for more tips.

Grading Issues

Can I exempt a student from a particular grade?

Yes; simply select “Grade All” for that grade item under its drop-down. In the page that follows, select the student and click the “Exempt” button. It will show you in the grades page as well as the student that the assignment has been exempted.

I changed my grade points for an item now it’s messed up, how do I fix it?

First, set up your grades in advance so that the weight of all your items equal the course total (i.e. 100%). Second, do not edit this later in the term. If you made a change mid-semester, the score will prioritize the grade item score and if you issue points in the assignments it will attempt to merge the two, giving strange grades. Make sure your grade item points and your assignment points are the same to resolve this issue.

Why can’t my students see their final grades/grade progress so far?

Check to see if there’s a crossed eye icon next to your grades; this may have happened when you imported the grade settings or set up your grading originally. To fix this, drop down the “final calculated grade” item on top and select “grade all”. In this page, check to select all students and then press the “release/unrelease” button above the grade boxes. Any grades that have the crossed-out eye can be fixed this way.