Online Textbook Adoption Tool

If you teach a semester-based course in which you select the textbook, follow the instructions on how to submit the textbook adoption form to the bookstore.  This is required regardless of whether students purchase their books at the bookstore or elsewhere. The Online Adoption Tool allows the University to meet the HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act) requirements that were enacted to provide students with a transparent view of costs for the courses they opt to take.


There are two ways to submit your adoptions to the bookstore:

Option 1. With our Online Adoption Tool, selecting your course materials is fast and easy.

Access the Online Adoption Tool

  •  Visit
  •  At the bottom of the Home page, click on Faculty Information in the Information section and then click Online Adoptions.
  •  Previous users will be asked to Log In and put in your password.  New users should Register.  You will be asked for a temporary password which is: 0713. Please make sure that you are listed as an Approver.

Option 2. If you are not comfortable with the Online Adoption Tool, or if it just doesn’t work for you, please submit your course material needs via email to:

Information Needed:

  1. Verify Term
  2. Department
  3. Course
  4. Is this a continuation course (Y/N)?
  5. Section
  6. Instructor Name
  7. Title of Course Material
  8. ISBN
  9. Verify Edition, if applicable
  10. Would you like to use the newest edition, if available (Y/N)?
  11. If the selected edition is not available, are we approved to automatically substitute for an edition we can source? (Y/N)?
  12. Is the course material required or recommended?
  13. Estimated Enrollment 


Please contact Helen with any questions you may have regarding this process.

Helen Ricotta, Store Manager Follett Store #0713  (610) 341-5934 |


Desk Copies:  To receive a free copy of your course textbook, contact the textbook publisher.  Look for instructions for desk copies on their website or a phone number to contact them.