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At Eastern University, we believe in meeting our students’ needs in an ever-changing world. Many of our students are digital natives who address technology with facility and enthusiasm. Thus, to engage in meaningful and lasting communication with our students, our student development team is committed to familiarizing ourselves with the kinds of tech tools that help keep our students aware, engaged, and empowered to succeed. The following resources reflect topics covered in the Student Development Retreat.

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less-than-good reasons to integrate technology

  • Tech tools are cool and I want to look hip

  • Everyone is doing it, so I guess I have to get on board

good reasons to integrate technology

  • Meet our students (many of whom are digital natives) where they are

  • Prepare students for integrating technology in their classes, their jobs, and their volunteer endeavors

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Increase speed and responsiveness

  • Free up time for interpersonal connection


Personalization: There are several easy ways that you can make your email more of a reflection of you and invite more intentional student engagement. You can find each of the following tools by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of your screen and selecting “Settings.”

  1. Add pertinent information to your email signature, including office location, office hours, typical responses time, and other ways students can seek assistance. Scroll down to your signature to add or edit this information.

  2. Add a photo to your gmail. Scroll down to “My picture” and select “About me.” Upload the image of your choice.

  3. Use vacation responder to update your out-of-office messages, being sure to include your estimated return time and who else students can contact in your absence.


Templated Responses: Do you need to type the same content to a variety of students? Save yourself the time of searching, copying and pasting by using the gmail’s canned responses option. See the video for details.

Settings —> Advanced —> Enable Canned Responses (Templates)

When composing an email, click on the three dots at the bottom right and select “Canned Responses.”

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For advanced users, check out the Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet to make gmail function with less than a click. This image is a preview, but if you click on it, it will take you to a longer infographic of options.



Google Calendar allows users to easily schedule meetings between Eastern University faculty, students, and staff. This brief video illustrates how to do so.

Google Calendar also allows you to make appointment slots and invite students to sign up for those appointments. Click here to read directions for how to go about doing so.




Zoom is Eastern University’s web-conferencing and lecture-capturing software. You can access it by going to and selecting “Login” and then “Login with Google.”

For a walk-through for using Zoom, see the Zoom Tutorial Page.

We’ve also created a Zoom Handout for Student Development.



Looking to upload or create video content for your course to enhance interaction with students? The My Media/Kaltura content is ideally designed to this effect and available to you through Brightspace. This tool can caption the content of your videos. It also provides you with useful analytics to see how students are using your content.

Visit our Kaltura Tutorial Page to familiarize yourself with this extremely useful tool.



All students, faculty and staff at Eastern University have access to Microsoft 365 for free. Click here to get started by using your Eastern email address.

Within Powerpoint, check out several exciting new features:

  • Insert —> Pictures —> Online Pictures (through Bing)

  • Home —> Design —> Design Ideas

  • Review —> Check Accessibility

  • When making infographics/posters, click on Design —> Slide Size —> Page Setup to change the canvas to any size you’d like for high-resolution printing

  • Use the “Share Your Screen” function in Zoom to display your Powerpoint and your face while talking

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Develop your website at (audience, forms, frequently asked questions, design, etc.)

  • Contact Allison Marshaleck at <>

    Create a Brightspace site to train student workers, house departmental documents, or engage in discussion board

  • Contact Sue Yavor at <>

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