Syllabi Upload Requirements

Eastern maintains a collection of every course syllabus to comply with accreditation requirements. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for uploading your syllabus.


Instructions to upload:

1. Click on this link:

2. (This step may not be necessary for mac users) In the center, click on "Go to Google Drive."  If you have submitted syllabi effectively in the past, go to step 4.

3. Click on the "Add to Drive" button (blue) in upper right hand corner.

4. Click on "Open in Drive" button. NOTE: If Google asks if you would like to download Google Drive, click "No thanks."

5. Click the red "New" button (top left). From the gray pop-down menu, choose "File Upload" and upload your syllabi into the folder named "Syllabus upload for [insert semester ex: Summer 2016]."


Please contact Kim Lownes with any questions you may have.

Kim Lownes, Executive Assistant to the Provost  610.341.4383  |